Fundraising at Forest Hill is always optional.

Fundraising encompasses a broad range of activities. Often this is a generic word that is used to describe charitable donations, sponsorships, sales of products and services and even partnerships.

Fundraising to date has paid for:

  • the home reading program with just right books for K-3
  • Interactive boards and projectors for every classroom
  • library books and technology
  • laptops
  • tablets/iPads
  • teacher website subscriptions
  • app licensing
  • student incentives for leadership
  • non essential classroom supplies
  • Global Action
  • food drives
  • field trip support
  • math resource books/home-school
  • athletics equipment and release time for coaches to take students to tournaments

    The Simcoe County District School Board (SCDSB) defines fundraising as "any solicitation for the purpose of obtaining funds that is initiated and approved by the principal and endorsed by the school council and/or school fundraising organization operating in the name of the school and includes activities carried out by students both on and off school property" . Reference Policy 4320 and Administrative Procedures Memorandum (APM) A2600 for details.